APCO Enhances Communications to Provide Seamless Member Services

APCO Employees Credit Union deployed SentrySM Unified Communications: ConvergeIT® VoIP from Fiserv across all 20 branches, resulting in a wide range of improvements leading to an improved member experience. 

When APCO needed to integrate its communications capability across all of its branches, they turned to ConvergeIT VoIP. Read the full case study to see how a service-oriented architecture allows APCO to enhance member services. Key benefits:

  • A connected phone system across all 20 branches
  • A phone system integrated with account data
  • The ability to answer phones from anywhere and transfer to a mobile phone as needed for continuity
  • Call data and analytics
  • A better understanding of the reasons members frequently call
  • Uninterrupted member support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Having our integrated phone system in place has been a real game‑changer. Before implementing the ConvergeIT system, every branch had its own different phone system. We had zero analytics and no way to link to accounts. Now, we can do business from anywhere at any time. We have reporting and can link calls to member accounts. The Fiserv team made the installation so easy and has been very supportive ever since.

Angela Wright, IT Manager, APCO

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