Vantage Risk and Budgeting Manager

Vantage™ Risk and Budgeting Manager from Fiserv gives you a unified view of the key data needed to manage your business. It links interdependent business functions to help you make better decisions based on powerful insights.

Choose Vantage Risk and Budgeting Manager to:

  • Manage your balance sheet risk effectively and efficiently using your choice of gap and duration analysis, income simulation and economic value analysis approaches to asset/liability management
  • Examine individual balance sheet components, or look at it as a whole
  • Get immediate answers to what if questions
  • Weigh the relative risk and rewards of potential business strategies
  • Test multiple interest-rate scenarios
  • Define forecasting assumptions, including interest rates, pricing strategies prepayments and growth
  • Mix and match assumptions and stress test the balance sheet for interest rate movements
  • Expand your simulations beyond net interest margin with non-interest income and expense account simulations

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