Consumers Want Hassle-Free In-Person Bill Pay

Whether it’s the reassurance and immediacy of an in-person transaction, convenience or a necessary service for the cash preferred, walk-in bill payment solutions continue to be valued by many consumers.

Fiserv offers walk-in payment expertise and reaches more than 30,000 retail locations, including national brands and local favorites.

Even as digital bill pay continues to grow, a large number of consumers prefer to pay their bills in-person, where they shop day-to-day. Merchants who don’t deliver this service could risk losing customers to competitors who do.

In this article from Today’s Grocer, Steve Ostroff, VP and GM of Walk-In / Biller Solutions, shares more about the importance of providing a secure in-person payment solution. Download to learn more about bill pay options that enable business owners to collect a per-transaction commission, provide a valuable commodity service, drive store traffic and build customer loyalty.