Business Continuity Services for Credit Unions

When disaster strikes, maintaining the integrity of your system and its data are key to recovering business quickly and serving members at a critical time. Business Continuity Services for Credit Unions from Fiserv gives you the power to resume operations and quickly begin serving members.

We can help you create the business continuity plan that best fits your business. This solution:

  • Provides continued member service in aftermath of a disaster
  • Helps re-establish in-house operations as quickly as possible
  • Covers interruptions caused by events such as fire, lightning, water damage, earthquake, wind, hurricane, vandalism, cyberattack or sabotage
  • Protects against calamities that nearby credit unions cannot (for example, widespread, long-term power outages)
  • Country
  • United States
  • Solution
  • Credit Union Platforms
  • Industry
  • Credit Unions
  • Published
  • November 2019

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