a person pays using an electronic card a person pays using an electronic card

Empowering Financial Institutions to Move Money and Data Across the Payment Ecosystem

With Fiserv technology you can process payments – independent of channel, scheme and type – on a single, centralised platform. Giving your customers a seamless 360-degree view of all payment activity, while you can use the contextual, normalised information to create personalised digital experiences and products.

A Modular Approach

Our APIs and open, cloud-first architecture mean our platform can work with existing and future solutions irrespective of who builds your online servicing. This gives you a flexible and modular approach which enables you to tailor, adapt and enhance your offering with optional plug-ins whenever you choose.


Regional and Global Payment Solutions

Looking to process all your payments on a single, cloud-ready, real-time, integrated technology platform? We offer regional or global solutions to suit your needs.


Market Infrastructures Supported







Request to Pay (RTP)

Faster Payments


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The Convergence of Payments 

How financial institutions can meet the challenges associated with the convergence of payments. 

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The Rise of Flexible Finance 

Flexible financing solutions offered by challenger entities are on the rise and pose a threat of disenfranchisement for many banks.

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The Case for Payments as a Service

The demands on financial services technology have increased significantly which poses a major challenge for financial institutions that operate on legacy, product-focused systems.

Take The Sting Out of Regulation and Compliance

Over the years, technology teams' workloads have grown exponentially, and this has been compounded by a web of existing platforms. On top of this, compliance is ever more complex. Our dedicated global team can work with you to review, plan, develop and implement the technical and operational changes that may be required to meet laws, regulations and scheme rules. 

A Rich Source of Digital Solutions

We support card and non-card payments with a robust and state-of-the-art platform, and we also offer a wide range of integrated digital services to help you grow your business across multiple products and markets. This includes everything from enterprise-level financial crime management, reconciliation, biometrics, spend controls, limits, real-time alerts and monitoring, through to reporting and rich-data analytics. Our solutions reflect the commitment to product development and service innovation we're known for.

Benefits of Processing Your Payments With Fiserv

  • Enhance customer-centric product offering
  • Improve customer omnichannel experience
  • Adapt quickly to changes in the market
  • Realise potential savings in operational, capital and compliance costs
  • Enjoy more flexible financial management
  • Increase opportunities for lending

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Looking for a Partner Across Your Entire Digital Banking Business?

We can offer support across the full suite of services – just click below to learn more.

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Enable your merchants to accept payments with a service that supports over 150 currencies and can be deployed in a number of languages. 

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Detect, prevent and reduce risk and fraud across all credit, debit and other banking products. 


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