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Insights for Financial Institutions

As a global leader in payments and fintech, we work across borders and in multiple languages and currencies to deliver the experiences today’s companies and consumers expect. Read on to discover the latest insights in the world of payment fintech.

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Bank Accelerates Digital Transformation With FirstVisionTM Platform

Working with Fiserv MONETA Money Bank realises 30 per cent cost savings and reduces regulatory and compliance costs.

Request to Pay and the Promise of Digital End-to-End Payments

Request to Pay, when combined with instant payments and open banking APIs, can meet the expectations of consumers and businesses for fast, seamless, low-cost, hassle-free experiences by reducing friction and costs throughout the transaction life cycle.

The Need for the UK to Evolve Payment Processes

David Chance discusses how the UK has fallen behind Europe on payment innovation, the regulation that can be used to catch-up, and how a little imaginative thinking can improve retail experiences and close growing equality gaps in society. 

Payments Transformation: Immediate, Intelligent and Inclusive

The Fiserv, "Payments Transformation: Immediate, Intelligent and Inclusive," survey indicates that financial institutions are focusing on payments modernization initiatives, such as instant payments, the move to ISO 20022 and the adoption of open banking.



Financial Crime Risks in Investment Management

Investment management is an industry undergoing constant expansion. Due to significant growth in assets under management, financial crime risks and regulatory scrutiny are set to increase.



Automation: Breaking New Ground in AML Compliance

Since the 2008 global financial crisis and associated financial crimes that ensued, regulators have imposed increasingly stringent rules on financial institutions, requiring them to improve oversight by reinventing their compliance processes, including through automation.



The Rise of Flexible Finance: How Not to be Disenfranchised

Flexible financing solutions offered by challenger entities are on the rise and pose a threat of disenfranchisement for many banks. 



Fiserv Financial Crime Survey 2020 Report

A Fiserv Financial Crime Survey in November 2020 asked anti-money laundering experts, across EMEA, for their views on the state of financial crime and prevention particularly in light of the pandemic and what you can do to fight back



The Convergence of Payments

How can financial institutions meet the challenges associated with the convergence of payments? 



The Case for Payments as a Service

The demands on financial services technology have increased significantly and the pace of change continues to accelerate. This poses a major challenge for financial institutions that operate on legacy, product-focused systems rather than modern customer-centric technology.



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