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Cash & Logistics

Financial institutions can enhance profitability by more accurately managing the currency supply chain with cash forecasting methods from Fiserv.

For financial institutions, providing an adequate supply of currency to meet customer needs is a continual challenge. Running out of cash at an ATM or other location means reduced revenue from lost surcharge fees and increased expenses due to emergency currency deliveries. But overstocking currency means banks can't invest this non-earning asset to generate interest income. Fiserv can help your financial institution manage the currency supply chain and accurately forecast requirements for each currency location.

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Simple cash management

Reduced expenses and improved control of your cash points, such as ATMs, branches and smart safes.

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Save money

Artificial intelligence to produce better cash forecasting and improve their operations.

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Better device control

Fast and convenient service while reducing cost and improving availability of devices.

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Branch transformation

Advanced self-service and cash automation solutions to drive your branch to new levels of productivity.

Cash Forecasting and Optimization 

Cash forecasting and optimization solutions from Fiserv enable financial institutions to anticipate the needs of traditional currency points, such as ATMs, branches and vaults as well as self-service devices, including in-branch currency dispensing units and remote cash capture machines. In addition, Fiserv solutions allow you to optimize your entire currency supply chain, which can result in currency inventory reductions of 20 to 40 percent.

The comprehensive suite of cash forecasting and optimization products include:



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Integrated Currency Manager™ - for supplying, managing and transporting currency across multiple cash points and locations

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Performance View™ - for real-time visibility into the costs and performance drivers of your enterprise supply chain

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Device Manager™ - for end-to-end problem management of your entire self-service network

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CorPointTM - for streamlining and automating currency management for merchant customers

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ExchangePoint™ - for automating cash trading transactions, matching demand with the best available cash sources

As the only provider with both consulting expertise and integrated solutions across the entire currency supply chain, Fiserv is uniquely positioned to help your financial institution reduce costs and increase revenues for overall profitability improvement.

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