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A Competitive Edge in the Fight Against Financial Crime Risk and Fraud

Your customers want compelling, technology-driven payments experiences that are completed in real-time. To meet expectations while providing the security people need, you need integrated fraud and risk solutions that keep pace in a fast-changing world.


Tailored to Your Business

Detect, prevent and reduce fraud across all credit, debit and other banking products with a real-time, multiproduct, multichannel view of your customers' spending behaviours. Our enterprise-level, modular approach enables you to select the parts that work best for your business so you can simplify your operating model, ensure a seamless customer payment experience, and deliver cost savings.

Faster Payments Shouldn't Mean Faster Fraud

Real-time and digital payment experiences are changing the financial crime landscape but card-not-present transactions don't have to equal instant fraud. From the use of geo-location technology through to comprehensive risk analytics, strong customer authentication, use of global data and predictive neural networks, our solutions make it harder and more challenging for fraudsters.

Maintaining the Right Balance of Friction Versus Financial Crime

As much as you want to keep customers safe, you also don't want to slow down their payment journey, which is why the balance of friction versus fraud is crucial. Our solutions combine customer-centric profiling with a holistic view across financial crime types, locations, business units, products, payment methods and channels so you can improve the accuracy of financial crime detection and make sure you're only stepping in when it matters.

Technology-Driven Fraud Protection

Our award-winning fraud and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) technologies use a mixture of artificial and automated intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to improve your operational efficiency, deliver rich analytics and strategic evaluation, reduce your costs, and fine-tune risk exposure. We also use APIs to integrate solutions with your platform and create simulations when you want to pilot new data sources.

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Financial Crime Risks in Investment Management

Investment management is an industry undergoing constant expansion. Due to significant growth in assets under management, financial crime risks and regulatory scrutiny are set to increase.

Benefits of Partnering with Fiserv

  • Manage financial crime risk, fraud and compliance more cost effectively and faster
  • Make rapid decisions based on enhanced data analytics and fine-grained profiling
  • Gain a single customer view with solutions spanning portfolios, products and brands
  • Leverage our international scale and highly resilient service
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Benefit from more holistic oversight as fraud, cyber and AML converge

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