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Fiserv in Europe

Your Source for Flexible, Modern and Simple Fintech Solutions  

Our 35 years of fintech experience in Europe have taught us that innovation doesn't have to be complex and expensive. We invest in a range of highly-flexible technology solutions to simplify and modernise your payment systems. Our payment services relevant to each market help reduce operational, capital, and compliance costs. Empowering true brand differentiation, whilst delivering a simple and consistent omnichannel payment experience.  


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Payment Services Specific to Your Business Needs 

We've successfully completed hundreds of complex migrations for our clients – either entirely virtually or on-site – around the world. Our clients benefit from the transition to our bespoke solutions, realising tangible value through the use of our scalable, proven and highly resilient suite of payments services. The flexibility of our solutions allows you to combine them in ways to make your offering unique.

We can help you:   

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Process payments – Manage and process all your card-based payments across a range of local and international schemes for credit, debit, commercial, prepaid, loyalty management, loan and card acquiring all in one place with FirstVision™ from Fiserv. Our Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv enables you to process non-card payments and clearing schemes on a single, real-time, integrated technology platform.


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Accept payments – Provide your merchants the omnichannel technology solutions they crave so they can accept payments however they and their customers want by opting for our acquiring as a service capability. With key analytics to help merchants grow their business.


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Protect your brand  Protect your profits and your reputation from cybercrime with our fraud crime risk management solutions. They use highly sophisticated behavioural and pattern analysis to spot suspicious activity at breakneck speed, and alert you in real-time, so you can make your customer and your business safer.

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Reconciling your financial accounts – Manual and multiple processes are a risky business. Accurate™ Reconciliation from Fiserv makes daily, monthly, or quarterly financial reconciliation easy by automatically analysing all of your bank statements and data feeds to give you one simple version of the truth.


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Bank Accelerates Digital Transformation With FirstVisionTM Platform

Working with Fiserv MONETA Money Bank realises 30 per cent cost savings and reduces regulatory and compliance costs.

Providing Flexible, Scalable, and Affordable Solutions

We have built our solutions to be as flexible as the ever-expanding needs of your customers, with an entire suite of APIs that enable you to pick and combine the parts that suit your business best. And, because of our global presence, you benefit both from products that can scale up as quickly as you do as well as economies of scale that offer you a pay-per-transaction model. Other benefits include:

  • Fast track products to market
  • Potential to make material capital and operational cost reductions
  • Handing over the headache of compliance
  • Global expertise and local market insights
  • Increasing margins
  • The latest cutting-edge payment techn.ology

Why Partner With Us?

When it comes to the needs of our clients and their customers, everyone is different, as is the market you're in. Our approach is individual and flexible so we can work together to create a tailored solution for you, whilst our local knowledge gives you crucial insights. Whatever route you decide is the best for your business, all of our solutions:

• Allow you to have a greater focus on your customers
• Deliver tangible value
• Are designed to improve your effectiveness and efficiency
• Enable you to innovate and get to market quickly
• Deliver a consistent customer payment experience

First Data is Now Fiserv

In 2019, First Data became part of Fiserv, creating a global leader in payments and financial technology. As Fiserv, we aspire to move money and information in a way that moves the world. 

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