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For over 35 years, countless financial institutions have chosen Fiserv as their preferred payment provider. Over time, we've recognised that their customers need more and more from their banks, while banks seek more control and agility. To address these changing needs, we offer bespoke payment technology across mobile, digital and open banking to provide the flexibility of either a self-or fullymanaged cardholder service – whatever works for you.


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Three Decades of Innovation in Germany

In 2019, First Data became part of Fiserv, creating a global leader in payments and financial technology. As Fiserv, we aspire to move money and information in a way that moves the world.

Our presence in Germany began with the popular TeleCash brand in 1991 and expanded with the acquisition of the well-known Gesellschaft für Zahlungssysteme (GZS).

Solutions for All Your Retail Banking Needs

From credit card platforms to transaction processing, anti-money laundering and fraud solutions, as well as integrated credit card and prepaid services, Fiserv provides banks of all sizes with a comprehensive range of choices. All of our solutions are delivered on reliable, scalable and flexible platforms.

We deliver safe and seamless outsourced solutions across the entire payment ecosystem, helping you to attract and grow your customer relationships while using innovative solutions that cut costs, protect and grow revenue and mitigate payment-process risks. 

We can help you:   

Process payments – Whether it's Visa, American Express or Mastercard, our platforms process local and international schemes for credit, debit and prepaid payments across borders, whilst managing the entire physical and virtual card payment journey for your customers. 

Transfer money between accounts across the world with Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv for both high- and low-value transactions across multiple payment types and international clearing schemes, like SWIFT, as well as 50 local ones, like SEPA, T2, Faster Payments, and Instant Payments – all on one simple platform.


Accept payments – Our acquiring service gives your merchants the technology infrastructure they need to accept payments in a way that their customers want, enhancing their customer relationships and ability to grow sales.


Manage risk and fraud  Protect your business and customers from check and electronic payment fraud, money laundering, sanctions violations and tax evasion with our financial crime risk management and anti-money laundering licensed products, which can complement your retail banking business no matter who you process with.


Reconcile your accounts  – Streamline all your data feeds and manual processes with one easy automated system. Accurate Reconciliation from Fiserv makes sure everything matches up and simply points out when and where gaps exist.


Merchant services  Head over to Telecash from First Data to find out how we can help you simply and easily take payments across all channels and manage your business from anywhere in the world.


Over 600 Migrations Globally

We know when it comes to outsourcing your payments system, you can't take any risks. Our teams have the skills, knowledge, experience, and specialised toolkits that make them one of the best in the business. Implementation and migrations programmes are business as usual for us, and we have completed hundreds of them throughout the world, both on location and virtually.

The Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • Empower your customers to pay any way, any time, any place – in person or online
  • Handle multiple payment types, schemes, and clearing systems across debit, prepaid and credit
  • Potential to make material cost reductions
  • Utilise a pay-per-transaction pricing model 
  • See a holistic view of your customers' entire payment journey
  • Get new products to your customers faster and at a lower cost
  • Access global insights across trends, payments and behaviours
  • Compete quickly in the flexible finance market

How Can We Help You?

We would love to help you meet the expanding needs of your customers. Simply call us on +49 69 79330 or fill out the form and we'll be in touch soon.

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