Reliance® from Fiserv is an in-house account processing solution that allows your financial institution to stay competitive while meeting member and industry demands.


With increased competition for members’ financial business it is essential that credit unions provide only the best service. Reliance from Fiserv helps achieve high quality service through an advanced, versatile and accurate account processing solution.

Reliance is a single-source technology solution designed specifically for credit unions. This in-house solution offers the latest features and functionality in high demand from today’s members. With a fully graphical user interface, your employees gain not only the advantage of consistency from screen to screen, but benefit from the easy to use wizards, workflow and comprehensive training. The solution also delivers the ability to manage every facet of the member experience in a single location. Tellers are able to deliver a high level of member service and satisfaction thanks to the efficiently designed infrastructure Reliance is built upon – making setting up new member accounts, joint owners and share accounts easy.

Security is always top of mind for credit union and members and Reliance ensures security all parties can rely upon. Armed with an enhanced security system to ensure a high-level of protection, image recognition, signature matching and other security measures, the Reliance solution leaves everyone protected.


  • Support for HSA needs
  • Card management consolidated into one user interface
  • Comprehensive business account services
  • Automatically extract and prepopulate demographic information from a scanned driver’s license image (using OCR)
  • Enhanced ACH processing
  • Loan origination integration for speedy, accurate loan approval and processing

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