CUSA® from Fiserv delivers a powerful, cost efficient account processing solution for credit unions that lack the resources to develop or manage applications in-house.


The financial industry is a competitive environment and with consumer needs and expectations constantly evolving, credit unions must balance providing what members need within a limited budget. Attracting and retaining membership is essential and can become difficult if credit unions are not equipped with adequate tools. CUSA enables credit unions to provide products and services members need, while promoting strategies that encourage growth and success internally.

With “out of the box” functionality, organizations can focus on staffing a strong supporting cast to ensure superior member service and operational efficiency. Through CUSA, credit unions have the ability to not only retain, but attract members and strengthen existing relationships.

The CUSA solution offers tremendous flexibility to frontline staff. Tellers can work between multifunctional screens that display a multitude of items at once (phone numbers, social security numbers, birth dates, joint ownership, etc.). These screens also include alerts, customized messaging and notifications, membership-photo identifiers and digital signatures. The notification feature takes cross-selling efforts to new heights and further enhances member relationships.

CUSA also provides necessary transaction processing and account setup features. With CUSA, tellers can work at an increased speed with the help of transaction codes and New Member and Account Wizard functions that help strengthen internal efficiency.


  • Perform batch transactions without printing a receipt
  • Control cash transactions to any account
  • Track and report detailed information on transactions
  • Transfer funds between any accounts on the system
  • Reverse or delete transactions while maintaining a full audit trail
  • Edit transactions and automatically reverse incorrect transactions to accounts, loans or the general ledger

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