Statement Designer Extract for Signature

Statement Designer Extract™ for Signature® from Fiserv delivers extensive customer and account information as a data stream for use by statement designer products, including DocPlus for Signature.


More than ever, the marketing departments at financial institutions are being challenged with discovering and developing new methods to differentiate their organization in the marketplace. One way to do this is by offering to the retail and commercial markets the most current financial information available in a truly consolidated, highly customizable format and furthering this targeted market’s tailored format by opening up opportunities for a variety of distribution methods, while defining and refining your organization’s professional image.

The data compiled by Statement Designer Extract for Signature in conjunction with the statement designer product, will provide your organization the ability to design highly customized statements that deliver consolidated information in a format that reflects the market image your organization desires. Furthermore this offering provides your organization the capability to merge detailed Signature customer and account information with detailed information from other customer applications, enabling the design of a customer statement that provides a totally consolidated financial relationship view.

Your organization will have the option to continue to produce the standard statement format that is available in Signature and have the flexibility to produce highly customized statements using the extract information in conjunction with a statement designer application.


The data available with the Statement Designer Extract for Signature includes all current data that is supplied to the standard Signature statement models plus the inclusion of a deeper amount of both customer and account information. It adds more than 200 account or customer data fields, including zip code extensions for bar coding, waived service charge information, user fields, parsed/non-parsed CIF data, and more. This additional data not only provides the flexibility to include more information on the statement but also delivers to you the ability to use the data supplied to assist in determining marketing messages down to the customer level.

Your organization can customize the following statements:

  • Demand
  • Time
  • Loan
  • Retirement
  • Loan year-end
  • Combined
  • Savings
  • Analysis

This allows you to:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of identifying statement look and content at the Product Level with the flexibility of overriding at an Account Level
  • Have the flexibility to define a format at the bank level by application, which may be overridden at the product level, or account level
  • Access all of the current Signature statement model data, plus an additional 200+ customer and account data fields
  • Be able to establish the extract file retention days

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