Relationship Pricing and Analysis for Signature

Relationship Pricing and Analysis for Signature® from Fiserv is an enterprise level pricing product that manages all account types, including those designed for retail customers, private wealth clientele, local businesses, and mid- to large corporate entities.


Relationship Pricing and Analysis allows you to leverage the overall customer relationship to determine the cost of services and profitability of the customer to the bank. Now you can provide incentives to encourage your customer’s behavior, such as utilizing electronic and other low cost channels. This means you can use the relationship and activity data to define fee pricing, cash back/bonus interest rewards and improved interest rates. It offers extended flexibility in pricing of products and services, arming you with comprehensive tools to enable analysis of how your commercial customers, small or large, are using your institution.

Today’s environment is changing at a rapid pace. To find new sources of fee income, financial institutions are being driven to change their fee structure, reinstitute fees for services and add monthly service charges. To avoid triggering attrition of your most valued customers, you must have the tools in place to monitor and adjust fee structures and offer incentives based on the customer relationship.

This is not just important for your retail customers. With the repeal of Regulation Q, which allows interest on commercial checking accounts, the same approach to relationship pricing is relevant to commercial customers as well.


Relationship Pricing and Analysis can help you achieve your strategic goals:

  • Generate growth by increasing share of wallet, customer loyalty and profitability
  • Enable customer-centric pricing by offering customers the products that address their needs
  • Improve the customer experience by designing pricing options based on the customer relationship
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining processes and technology

Additionally, it enables organizations to:

  • Track service activity and all the associated costs with customer balances to determine the total relationship value
  • Design innovative pricing strategies for fees and rates
  • Segment customers automatically based on related balances and services
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities with “What if” modeling

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