Business Process Improvement Services for Signature

Business Process Improvement Services from Fiserv is a collaborative value-added service that enables you to measurably increase business efficiency and optimize business processes.


Business Process Improvement Services from Fiserv are collaborative value-added services that enable you to measurably increase business efficiency and optimize business processes. The services assist in identifying and planning cost reduction or increasing operating leverage. Financial institutions using Business Process Improvement Services will benefit from more efficient and effective business processes as well as an increased ability to "Manage By Fact." Efforts are focused on those areas where you experience high cost, high turnover, increased risk, over-processing, bottlenecks, volume issues and unsatisfactory cycle time.

Banks are increasingly setting annual objectives for reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency: doing more with the same or less resources. What if you could identify ways to reduce waste, generate synergies and streamline your business to deliver real benefits and minimize everyday challenges?

By optimizing people, process and technology you can:

  • Increase operating leverage – do more with less
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Maximize revenue and profitability
  • Improve customer service and the customer experience
  • Increase staff and customer satisfaction
  • Generate loyalty
  • Manage risk and enable compliance with policy and regulations

Fiserv consultants have in depth knowledge of retail and commercial banking processes, and use proven Six Sigma methodology in identifying, evaluating and realizing opportunities for process efficiencies and optimization – always with a strong operational focus on process, people and technology.


With Business Process Improvement Services you can:

  • Evaluate and address existing high cost areas due to process inefficiency, high risk, staffing issues, excessive volume and revenue challenges
  • Quantify benefits associated with Fiserv solutions as well as identify other areas for improvement
  • Assist in building financial opportunity and ROI calculation for upgrading existing technology or investing in additional technology
  • Understand the value and ROI of the proposed technology investment
  • Prioritize business areas that are most in need of improvement
  • Identify and build a roadmap for immediate, short and long term objectives for cost reduction and benefit realization of all of the proposed technology solutions

As part of this service, Fiserv consultants will:

  • Measure and analyze As-Is and To-Be business processes
  • Determine and address exact root causes that have the most significant impact to business problems (80/20)
  • Identify and reduce process waste through manual and automated solutions
  • Analyze business data to identify and predict trends and staffing capacity
  • Optimize business process to enable effective use of new technology or more efficient use of current technology

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