Aperio™, a multi-channel customer experience platform from Fiserv, provides account opening and customer/account servicing, driven by a process and workflow engine, functionality for inbound/outbound marketing tied to predictive modeling, and the capability of executing these models for real-time decisioning.


Aperio is a cross-channel customer interaction solution suite that enables customer relationship management (CRM), business process management (BPM) and enterprise application integration (EAI), customer analytics, campaign management and imaging to work in concert, pointing customers towards stronger sales and services.

Aperio integrates and automates business processes, tracks customer interactions across multiple channels, and gives your organization the information and analytics to proactively make decisions about how to proceed with your customer – based on real-time data. The Aperio business process focus will provide your staff with the tools to get the job done, instead of worrying about how to do it. This ultimately gives you the power to generate loyalty and increase sales while truly identifying with your customer at a specific moment in time.


Aperio puts the power back into your business by enabling you to:

  • Improve efficiency and increase profit through business process automation
  • Provide intelligent customer interactions to deliver a personalized service
  • Enable a single view of your customers: relationships, accounts and interactions
  • Provide cross-channel integration to deliver consistency and quality regardless of touch point
  • Deliver integrated workflow to ensure follow-up between departments
  • Provide a flexible architecture which enables fast market and regulatory responses
  • Increase outbound sales effectiveness with sales force automation
  • Utilize predictive analytics to increase the success of your marketing campaigns
  • Improve the effectiveness of cross-channel outbound marketing with integrated campaign management
  • Make every contact an opportunity to sell effectively, service efficiently and generate loyalty

This in turn will help to generate profit and growth. Aperio will ultimately empower your whole organization to deliver on the promises made, while ensuring compliance. Using Aperio technology, your financial institution will see a dramatic upturn in sales volume with:

  • Consistent personalized customer sales and service across branch, contact center and Internet
  • Thousands of sales prompts deployed monthly
  • Incremental sales to customers increased significantly
  • Enhanced intra-company collaboration
  • Positive ROI delivered

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