Aperio Call Center

With Aperio™ Call Center from Fiserv, you can delight your customers by providing them with highly effective and consistent call center experiences.


What could your call center staff achieve if you provided them with a single view of a customer's relationship with your financial institution, regardless of the original touch point? What if activity your customer originated online could easily be retrieved in the call center and the transaction completed by your staff?

Would your staff benefit from intuitive prompts that allow them to present relevant offers to customers at the appropriate time while guiding them through a cross-organization business process to complete all required tasks?

Your customers want their banking experience to be easy, and their interactions with your staff to be productive. With the right technology solution, backed by a customer-centric focus, you arrive at a perfect opportunity to create a memorable interaction with your customer. This gives you the potential to build long-term loyalty while increasing stickiness, decreasing customer churn, and increasing cross-sell possibilities.


  • Customer acquisition: Capture and view information in one place at any given time without creating a new account
  • Engagement history: Increase your understanding of each customer's full relationship with your organization
  • Integrated ID verification: Easily verify the customer's identity and address and ensure all steps take place for validation
  • Customer servicing: Increases the speed and efficiency of your staff while delighting customers with quicker, improved service
  • Account acquisition: Checking and Savings - provides an intuitive work flow for account opening, enabling staff to easily open accounts in less time and with fewer errors
  • Integrated risk scoring: Identify if the customer's risk profile is in line with bank policies before bringing the customer onboard

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