Business Continuity Services for Precision

Business Continuity Services for Precision® from Fiserv not only offers operations continuity, but also effectively addresses threats that could otherwise negatively impact your organization.


A comprehensive business continuity plan helps financial institutions mitigate risk, meet regulatory requirements, safeguard revenues, and sustain both market position and customer confidence.

For organizations operating Precision bank platform in an in-house environment, Business Continuity Services for Precision from Fiserv help banks develop, implement, test and maintain such a program, including assistance should a natural catastrophe or other disaster occur. Multiple options enable you to choose the best fit for your business – taking into account the impact of each option on network administration and software release implementation throughout your enterprise.


  • Contingency plans: Serving as the foundation for safeguarding data, contingency plans enable you to build a solid business continuity program. Each plan includes annual testing and disaster recovery services for certain solutions, should physical damage to the server occur
  • Point-in-time replication: Offering the security of a second set of core data, Point-in-Time replication automatically transfers database archives from the production server to the contingency server following the post-update backup
  • Real-time replication: Greatly reducing the time needed to recover data, this option offers the most frequent backup of the core database by generating updates throughout the day rather than at the end of the day
  • Network storage of database archives: Consultative systems services support can help you use your network to transfer database archives to an off-site location

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