Director® from Fiserv manages virtually any document, including reports, check images, statements, notices, scanned documents and emails, helping your bank build an easily accessible information repository. This comprehensive solution contains dozens of integrated modules and works with our Premier®, Precision® and Cleartouch® account processing platforms.

Available for Cleartouch, Precision, Premier

Director from Fiserv is a fully customizable suite of solutions that work separately and together to meet your specific ECM needs. No matter what type of document your business needs to use, from ID cards to legacy reports, these solutions can help you scan, import, store, modify and distribute the documents electronically.

The Director database gives all authorized users in your organization one centralized location from which to access any document. This shared access not only expedites many business functions, such as loan processing, it also drastically cuts the time and expense associated with physically printing and storing reams of paper documents.


The dozens of separately licensed solutions in the Director suite fall into four functional categories:

Efficiency and cost savings

Director Report Archive, Director Check Imaging and Director Document Distribution are among the solutions that help you streamline research, increase productivity and improve customer service


Business process automation

Your staff will complete more work accurately and in less time using Director Outlook Integration, Director Workflow and other related solutions


Compliance tools

Risk management and regulatory compliance affect every part of your banking operation. Solutions such as Director Publishing Encryptor help keep electronic content secure and your organization compliant


Executive reporting

Director provides information about the content stored in the Director database that helps you assess how effectively your business is using the Director suite


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