Instant Open

First impressions count, whether you're opening new accounts or expanding existing relationships with new products and services. Instant Open™ from Fiserv provides an easy-to-use, online solution that speeds the enrollment and account opening process.


Instant Open from Fiserv enables you to offer a consistent online account opening experience for both deposit and loan applications. An easy-to-use, self-service solution, Instant Open provides an intuitive user interface, automated notifications and guidance to help users quickly complete each step of the application process.

Instant Open offers numerous features and options to automate manual tasks, streamline the application process and adapt to your organization's needs. It offers intelligent and customizable workflows and integrated background checking capabilities to make account opening and enrollment fast and easy. It also offers powerful configuration options to match your workflow preferences, decisioning process and operating procedures. You can customize workflows for different applications and delivery channels, choose which background checks to perform, or create customized rules that determine if an application is automatically approved or requires manual review.

Most important, Instant Open offers tight integration with the DNA® account processing platform, leveraging the real-time capabilities of DNA to process applications and provide accountholder numbers or account information on the spot. For existing accountholders, Instant Open uses the DNA database to look up accounts, pre-populate applications with information on file and create new records and accounts.

Instant Open also integrates with the Velocity™ loan origination system, providing powerful account review and decisioning capabilities and the ability to deliver customized, targeted cross-sell offers.

Financial institutions can also deploy Instant Open as an in-branch, browser-based account opening solution and create customized staff-oriented workflows for branch staff and call center employees.


  • Customizable to your operating guidelines: Instant Open offers customizable workflows and  a variety of easy-to-use configuration features that enable you to assign user roles to define system privileges or create customized block lists for questionable individuals, banks, accounts, IP addresses or mailing addresses. You can also control the display order and links to descriptive account information and messaging to suit different audiences, as well as take advantage of electronic, manual and batch export task fulfillment features, along with pre-formatted and custom emails
  • Automatic access to background verification and credit reporting services:  Instant Open performs OFAC checks and integrates with RSA/ LexisNexis® and other sources to verify the identity of the individual and to comply with Know Your Customer regulations. To streamline credit reporting, it also interfaces with the Equifax® credit bureau and ChexSystems® QualiFile® reports, helping you pre-approve applicants and confirm creditworthiness
  • Support for multiple funding choices: Including credit cards, ACH, checks and cash, with real-time authorization of valid card transaction for VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover®
  • Single sign-on with DNAweb™: For accountholders already enrolled in your online banking via DNAweb from Fiserv, the single sign-on feature eliminates the need for further login information

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