Open Data for DNA

Transform the abundance of data your organization collects into useful information with Open Data for DNA® from Fiserv, a robust data warehouse that facilitates research, analysis and reporting.


Open Data for DNA from Fiserv provides a centralized repository that draws data on customers, transactions, profitability, products and channels from multiple sources to provide your staff with the intelligence needed to make effective decisions. Open Data can handle massive amounts of information and provide structure and access to data from numerous systems and platforms to facilitate research, analysis and reporting.

Open Data provides multiple data views to consolidate relational DNA account processing data and make it easy to find what you need. With Open Data you can:

  • Understand household relationships, trend historical data, measure profitability, and create and track targeted campaigns
  • View customer information summarized at the account, individual, household, product or branch levels
  • Obtain a complete view of each relationship, based on data that is clean, extensive and up to date
  • Gain the real-time analytics of account processing data along with the trending abilities of a historical data store, using the same Oracle® database as the DNA account processing system


  • Integrates with the DNA account processing platform: Open Data offers "views" to consolidate relational DNA core data, making it easier to find what you need while providing variable retention periods for current and month-end views of data. Pre-built scripts determine what data to extract, how to extract that data and how tables are refreshed
  • Supports BI Query from OpenText: An optional, ad hoc enterprise-wide query tool that offers a visual experience of your data and allows you to create graphically appealing reports. BI Query easily connects to Open Data along with any open, database-compliant system, making it easy for you to access data from relational databases on different operating systems
  • Offline data warehouse: Ensures that your financial institution has quick access to vast amounts of data without compromising online data or degrading performance
  • Browser-based administration: For easy access and use by your IT staff

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