Collections and Recovery Manager for Cleartouch

Collections and Recovery Manager for Cleartouch® from Fiserv is designed to increase the efficiency of your collections staff. Maximize your profitability with this automated system that allows your personnel access to loan details without interrupting the collections department's workflow.

From credit analysis, decision making and onboarding to account processing, loan servicing and collections, Fiserv offers a full array of solutions to support your lending activities.


Collections and Recovery Manager from Fiserv delivers powerful collector and management queues with integrated workflow capabilities while providing executives and management with information required for monitoring the overall performance of your financial institution's loan portfolio.

When your branch, lending and management personnel need up-to-the minute loan details and relevant collection information, they can get real-time access to it directly from the Collections and Recovery Manager solution – all without interrupting the workflow and activities of your collectors. As a result, they're able to significantly increase time spent on the telephone with customers making and following up on payment arrangements.

When you use Collections and Recovery Manager, you can automate collections, recovery and tracking of delinquent accounts. You benefit from centralized tracking of default and legal information and special processes.

With these efficiencies in place, your financial institution can better identify and focus on customers and accounts requiring immediate attention. Your collectors can work accounts more aggressively and reach more customers, increasing promises to pay and reducing loss from delinquency and default.


When you deploy Collections and Recovery Manager, your financial institution can benefit from:

  • Reduced past-due loan delinquency ratio
  • Decreased charge-off and overall collections costs
  • More efficient collection operations and more cost-effective training
  • Consistent documentation policies that eliminate human error
  • Improved account disposition, reporting and tracking
  • Reduced risk
  • Decreased volume of at-risk assets
  • Complete, real-time integration with Cleartouch

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