Healthcare organizations must consider member acquisition and retention strategies as members look for more choices, more convenience and more security. Fiserv offers healthcare solutions to address an evolving marketplace and changing expectations while strengthening member relationships.

Fiserv recognizes the strategic importance of every point of contact with your members, including enrollment materials, explanation of benefits (EOBs), statements and the payment and reconciliation process. We can help you turn every interaction into an opportunity to improve member engagement, maximize loyalty and positively impact profitability.

As a global leader serving nine of the 10 largest healthcare companies, we're able to offer the cost efficiencies, expertise and revenue generating opportunities associated with working with a strong, single-source provider.  Our solutions for healthcare organizations include:

Healthcare Member Communications

Transform welcome kits, member ID cards, EOBs, statements, bills and letters into health management tools that are customized for each member. By integrating multiple data streams, we combine information such as age, gender and risk-assessment factors with transactional data and then deliver the communications according to your member's preference – paper, email, Web, mobile or tablet

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Billing and payment services

Easily implement a consumer-based solution that will help you facilitate faster, more efficient payments from your members with a multichannel approach. Consumers can pay in-person with payments made through various channels or they can pay digitally using ACH or card payment methods, including Digital Payments SDK API-based processing

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Digital Document Distribution

Deliver EOBs, bills, statements and other documents to bank bill pay portals and major consumer cloud destinations, such as Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Through a single integration, organizations can meet consumers where they’re already storing their most important information – right on their personal cloud website, app or bank bill pay portal.

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Disbursement Services

When consumers run into healthcare costs following medical treatment, they want payouts, reimbursements or refunds to come quickly, to improve cash flow to help with the care they need to get back in top condition. Fiserv helps companies move funds in minutes, not days – all that is needed is the recipient's bank account, debit/prepaid card, email address or phone number.

Systems Integration Services

Create seamless interconnected experiences with employees and members by integrating essential systems including healthcare information, CRM, financial and related applications. Fiserv provides next-generation IT services, including turnkey robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, that help your organization improve efficiency, elevate satisfaction, and drive digital transformation.

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  • Increase cost efficiencies by working with a single-source provider
  • Enhance member communications by combining transactional data with targeted, relevant messaging at the member level, to change behaviors and reduce claims
  • Deliver a multichannel billing and payment solution with the ability to reach all audience types, collect payments faster and reduce expenses
  • Improve cash flow and productivity by automating EOB posting, improving reconciliation and accelerating cash application, without making capital investments
  • Leverage our industry experience to solve complex business problems
  • Experienced provider for Medicare and Medicaid services
  • Committed to safeguarding member confidentiality and privacy by complying with stringent industry regulations and adhering to our security standards for data, facilities and personnel

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