Payment Fraud Manager

A single high-value fraudulent electronic funds transfer could compromise a financial institution and even undermine the global financial system. The ability to rapidly detect criminal activity in electronic payments is critical.

Payment Fraud Manager from Fiserv monitors electronic payments for fraudulent activity in real time across multiple channels. It is the most comprehensive solution available, using advanced inference techniques to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Payment Fraud Manager deploys analytics and risk-scoring models that enable fraud investigators to prioritize highest-risk transactions for review. All data needed to process suspicious payments is available at their fingertips, enabling your organization to rapidly adapt risk management strategies as new fraud patterns emerge.

Payment Fraud Manager allows payment operations and fraud departments to:


Instantly suspend suspicious payments before losses are incurred using real-time detection and interdiction

Control every aspect of risk according to each organization’s risk tolerance using supporting scenarios, scorecards and case management

Respond to threats quickly with powerful, easy configuration

Real-Time, Cross-Channel Monitoring and Detection for Electronic Payments

Payment Fraud Manager monitors batch and bulk payment files and individual electronic funds transfer transactions from any initiation channel, including online payments, and across payments and messaging infrastructures such as SWIFT, Fedwire, SEPA and ACH. 

Payment Fraud Manager also detects many different attack vectors, including batch file manipulation, cybercrime, account takeover and internal fraud.  

  • Prioritize fraud risk with risk scoring and risk tolerance thresholds
  • Improve risk decision making with scorecards and scenarios 
  • Gain a more comprehensive view of risk with alerts and case management features
  • Deliver richer insights with configurable dashboard reports 


Learn how Payment Fraud Manager from Fiserv leverages predictive scoring from machine learning and custom rules – informed by nearly four decades of Fiserv payment processing and payment risk expertise – to help protect your organization and your customers.


Four Steps to Better Check Fraud Protection

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Combating Modern Payments Fraud

In a world of faster payments and real-time settlement, fraud prevention must move as fast – or faster than – criminals. Prevention efforts must now sync with consumer behaviors. Read our white paper to learn about three factors financial institutions should examine to orchestrate faster, more behavior-centric fraud responses.

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