Automotive Finance

Automotive lending solutions from Fiserv enable you to minimize risk, expedite vehicle sales, maintain compliance and satisfy borrowers.

The automotive lending market is rapidly evolving. In order to address business and profitability challenges, lenders must be efficient, innovative, and responsive to both auto dealers and their customers. As the complexity of doing business has grown, so has the need to streamline business processes to manage assets effectively.

The most successful automotive lenders focus their operations on managing risk exposure; leveraging size and scale to optimize processing efficiency; and meeting the needs of their customers. Fiserv offers solutions that help you manage the complete lending life cycle and maximize the lending experience. We continually invest in technology solutions and services that meet both market demands and consumer expectations.

Our Solution

Fiserv offers end-to-end software and services that support all of your indirect automotive lending and leasing needs, from application through vehicle disposition. In fact, 30 percent of all auto loans and leases originated in the United States are processed by Fiserv. We also offer high-touch outsourced services for customer support, collections and vehicle remarketing. A business partnership with Fiserv helps make your lending operation more versatile and gives you a competitive edge that will position you for future growth.


With more than 25 years of auto finance experience, Fiserv provides solutions for clients ranging from community banks to the largest auto loan originators in the United States and Canada. Fiserv technology and services offer a wide range of benefits that allow you to:

  • Optimize profitability.  Price credit at the deal level and match their best price-to-customer strategies at any given time
  • Achieve borrower-focused customer service. Allow your customer service representatives to efficiently handle inquiries and requests through easy access to customer account data
  • Maximize collections effectiveness. Collection management support allows you to track and manage delinquent accounts, bankruptcy, litigation and repossession processing
  • Reduce costs. Innovative technology such as paper-free contracts helps decrease operational expense
  • Create greater efficiencies.  Enhanced integration with third-party partners lets you leverage industry-leading technology and origination competences

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