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Person-to-person (P2P) payments revolutionized the way people exchange money. Now the norm, consumers expect more sophisticated P2P payments options services than ever before. 

Digital P2P payments have become a must-have solution for financial institutions. Consumers want secure payments transferred directly into their bank accounts in real time with no fee. These are features only their financial institution can provide. 

Zelle® Appeals to Everyone – Including the Largest Banking Consumer Segments

Digital P2P payments are a must-have solution for financial institutions looking to attract new accountholders and deepen consumer engagement and loyalty. Zelle® is growing fast with approximately 200,000 new email addresses and mobile numbers enrolled every day.  


Breakdown of Zelle® consumers by generation:

Generation Z 


Generation X



The potential market is significant. Expectations & Experiences: Fintech Adoption, 2021 consumer trends research from Fiserv, found that half of people who use nonbanking apps for P2P exclusively are interested in using their bank or credit union for the service. This finding is consistent across generations, including 49 percent of Gen Z and 55 percent of seniors.

Source: Fiserv Generational Comparison for Turnkey Service for Zelle®, October 2021

Zelle® is a Win for Financial Institutions

A mobile P2P solution is critical for financial institutions looking to succeed in the P2P market. In recent years, consumer preferences for mobile financial services have increased dramatically and the mobile P2P space has skyrocketed. By the end of 2023, analysts expect to see more than $1.152 trillion in payment volume via mobile P2P apps, according to the 2021 eMarketer Forecast.

What’s more, consumers who use Zelle® tend to be a financial institution’s better customers. Zelle® users vs non-Zelle® users exhibit:



29% Higher Net Profit

12% Increase in Product Holding

12% Higher Deposit Balances 

Source: Digital Intensity Engagement Study, Fiserv, 2021

image of cars moving on a road image of cars moving on a road

Zelle Network® by the Numbers




transactions processed

in the first 6 months of 2021



200K email addresses

or U.S. mobile numbers are enrolled in the Zelle Network® per day




processed in
the first 6 months of 2021


Offer Your Accountholders Real-Time Digital P2P Services

Partner with Fiserv to quickly and easily deliver the experience consumers are looking for. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Turnkey Service for Zelle®: Fiserv can provide reduced implementation complexity and fast time to market
  • Expertise: We’re digital money movement specialists moving 30 billion digital payments and more than $75 trillion annually
  • Experience: We have built and enabled P2P payments for more than 2,600 financial institutions
  • Risk management: We offer best-in-class fraud and risk management tools with 24/7 cybersecurity support and the highest certification standards

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