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Person-to-person (P2P) payments have revolutionized the way consumers exchange money, with the number of users growing rapidly. Once considered a nice-to-have, digital P2P payments have become a must-have solution for financial institutions.



Taking the industry by storm: The adoption of P2P applications is growing at rates U.S. retail banking has not seen since the rush to launch debit cards in the late '80s and early '90s.





Mobile makes all the difference.

Though P2P payment technology has been around for more than two decades, its recent popularity was spurred by the adoption of mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile P2P payment volume (in dollars) has grown by over 39 percent over the past three years.

Source: P2P Market Sizing, Javelin, 2017




P2P payment products are bridging the generation gap

Percentage of consumers who have used online or mobile P2P payment solutions by generation:






Source: Digital Tracker Study, Early Warning Services, LLC, July 2018

Zelle Network® by the numbers


more than


enrolling daily


743 million
transactions in 2019,
up 72% over 2018

Source: Zelle Network



processed in 2019,

up 57% over 2018



Users of P2P payment services are more likely to have a greater number of revenue-producing services at their primary financial institution.

P2P payment usage






     Number of revenue-producing services at primary financial organization



Source: Expectations & Experiences: Consumer Payments, Fiserv, 2017

Zelle not only benefits consumers, but financial institutions as well.



Ubiquity for consumers

Customer retention and attraction

Website and mobile app monetization


Fast payments

Cash-expense reduction


What you get with Fiserv as your partner

Turnkey Service for Zelle

Reduced implementation complexity and fast
time to market


Built and enabled P2P payments for more than 2,600 financial institutions

Digital money movement specialists

30 billion digital payments annually and more the $75 trillion moved annually

Risk management expertise

Best-in-class tools and practices

Implementation timing may vary by financial institution


Your consumers want a fast, safe and easy way to send money.
Give them a best-in-class experience with Zelle.


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