FraudNet™ from Fiserv is a powerful automated transaction monitoring engine that helps financial institutions proactively identify potential fraudulent threats, mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance.


FraudNet, a centralized fraud detection and integrated case management system, scores each online bill payment and halts the processing of suspicious transactions until fraud specialists have reviewed them. The sophisticated FraudNet engine leverages advanced algorithms and proprietary negative file history, making it extremely accurate in detecting fraudulent transactions before they are processed. With FraudNet, you're able to proactively identify potential fraudulent threats, mitigate risks and assure regulatory compliance.

FraudNet analyzes high-volume data streams, detecting complex suspicious scenarios and examining behavioral patterns, and provides the real-time intelligence necessary to identify fraudulent transactions.

Leverage rule sets and negative files with all participating partners in a real-time, transaction-monitoring environment, linking to an ever-expanding, increasingly intelligent and proactive fraud detection engine. The combination of leading technology and proven rule sets make FraudNet a powerful tool for you and your institution and enables your customers to feel secure replacing traditional paper financial transactions with electronic versions.


FraudNet enables your financial institution to:

  • View customer transaction history and account information
  • Issue fraud alerts to customer service systems
  • Take immediate action on fraudulent transactions during processing
  • Cancel or freeze account activities
  • Manually add externally reported fraud cases
  • Add to negative files as the alerts are evaluated

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