Why Offer Digital Wallets?

Offering digital wallets that use tokenization enables financial institutions to play an integral role in the mobile payments ecosystem.

Digital wallets are accepted at an increasing number of merchant locations and online providers. As mobile payment technology becomes more accessible and convenient, consumer adoption continues to accelerate. Fiserv is equipping financial institutions to meet growing consumer demand for digitized payments from their mobile devices, whether they are paying bills, paying other people, or making purchases.

Digital wallet payments enhance security by creating a token - a digital account number that acts as a substitute value for a consumer's personal account number (PAN). This substitute value is presented to the merchant rather than the real cardholder PAN so the merchant cannot see or retain the real PAN. Additionally, tokenized Card-on-File (COF) payments mitigate risk from merchant data breaches because COF merchants can become token requestors, eliminating the need for them to store real cardholder PANs on their databases.

Our partnerships with Visa® and MasterCard® in support of digital wallets, and our ability to support tokenized payments in our own Accel® debit payments network, are part of our overall commitment to bringing secure and simple digital payment solutions to our clients and their cardholders.

Digital wallets are an integral part of a successful overall strategy for financial institutions. Download the infographic to learn more.

For more information about the Fiserv token solution, please contact us at 800-872-7882 or email us at getsolutions@fiserv.com.

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