Efficiency Manager

Efficiency Manager from Fiserv drives content-enabled process automation for greater efficiency and standardization, improved productivity and compliance, and reduced cost and risk across the enterprise. 

When you effectively leverage your data and process digitization, while automating your manual processes, productivity gains and efficiency ratios can skyrocket.

Efficiency Manager can improve both profitability and your consumer experience by providing streamlined access to data and sharing capabilities across your enterprise. Efficiency Manager helps you become more agile, efficient and effective with your content, processes and cases, using a single enterprise platform that enables you to establish a consistent, simplified efficiency management methodology.

What can content-enabled automation do for your enterprise?

Provide repeatable

Ensure fewer workflows,
greater consistency

Be a metric for continuous
process improvement


Create Seamless Standardization Across Your Enterprise

Efficiency Manager

Content-enabled process automation applications designed specifically for all facets of your organization:

Accounts Payable

Automate, streamline, standardize and provide transparency to the complete invoice payment process.

Asset Management

Track physical assets to reduce costs, lower risk and improve client satisfaction.

Audit Management

Automate all phases of audit requirements.

Commercial, Consumer & Mortgage Lending

Simplify access to digitized consumer loan data, documents and other content in a consolidated view, plus pre-configured dashboards, workflow and content automation. 

Commercial Onboarding

Replace error-prone, paper-based processes with more efficient upfront customer profiling and product setup.

Deposit Accounts

Streamline the entire deposit information and documentation process and ease your compliance burden. Download the brochure

Dispute Resolution

Administer disputed electronic transactions faster and promote more structured fiscal and compliance policies. Download the brochure

Vendors & Contracts

Organize and automate both vendor onboarding and contracting processes to shorten cycle times, minimize risk and improve relationships. Download the brochure

Human Resources

Streamline employee onboarding and retention processes to reduce costs, improve compliance and accelerate productivity.

Wealth Operations

Automate internal operational and sales processes to improve client service and onboarding, accelerate transactions and enhance oversight capabilities.

Efficiency Manager

Using process automation through digitization, Efficiency Manager eliminates manual, repetitive tasks and standardizes invoices and payments for your enterprise.

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