Eco-Friendly Payment Cards

Consumer demand for sustainable options is growing across all aspects of life and that includes debit and credit cards. Fiserv makes a turnkey, eco-friendly card program simple. From card production to responsible disposal, Fiserv helps you reduce your organization’s environmental footprint, attract and retain cardholders, drive loyalty, build your brand and diversify your organizations revenue opportunities.  


Eco-friendly card programs help financial institutions meet growing consumer demand for sustainable products and increased expectations for organizations to responsibly manage their environmental footprints. By partnering with Fiserv, your institution can:

  • Provide a solution that can support sustainability objectives and messaging
  • Offer eco-friendly payment options to help support your commitment to sustainability
  • Strengthen cardholder relations by connecting with customers on a global issue
  • Distinguish your brand from the competition, gain top-of-wallet positioning and drive revenue

Sustainability in Card Issuance


recycled pvc card picture

Recycled PVC

Industrial plastic waste and scrap can be recovered and used to make payment cards, thereby reducing the proliferation of plastic in landfills and adverse effects on the environment. Recycled PVC can be used with any of our standard chip options for contact and contactless cards.



Bio-Sourced Plastic Substitute card picture

Bio-Sourced Plastic Substitute

Polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch, can replace 80 percent of the petroleum-based PVC in a card and is available with any of our standard contact or contactless chip options. Consuming less energy to produce, PLA results in lower carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions than PVC. It’s also biodegradable, recyclable and can be incinerated without generating toxic gasses. Fiserv also offers environmentally responsible disposal of used cards as an optional service.



Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastic credit card picture

Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastic

Plastic waste can be recovered from land areas where it otherwise would be likely to enter the ocean. The recovered material is turned into high-density polyethylene and used to construct the card core. This option reduces single-use plastic and the amount of plastic entering the ocean and can appeal to cardholders who are cognizant of marine life and preservation. The option is currently available only with select contactless chips.


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