OpenNow®/FundNow® from Fiserv allows you to cost-effectively capture potential new customers on your financial institution’s website with instant online account origination and funding.


The online channel is increasingly becoming the most important tool available to financial institutions for the acquisition of new, profitable customers. As a result, online account opening and funding solutions can help financial institutions cost-effectively scale customer acquisition, improve customer experience and increase account open and funded rates.

OpenNow/FundNow, the industry’s leading online account acquisition solution, helps financial institutions leverage their online channel to capture prospects in real time by facilitating instant account origination and funding through an institution’s branded website. OpenNow/FundNow converts prospects into accountholders by providing them with an enhanced user interface, shorter application processing time and a choice of quick and easy funding methods. Prospective customers can apply, be approved and fund a new account all within a single session.

OpenNow/FundNow is built upon an unmatched technology platform that delivers enhanced ID verification and credit assessment by merging information from industry standard and proprietary sources. Verify and approve the new account immediately with the OpenNow/FundNow flexible decision engine — an automated authentication and verification process that satisfies business, risk and compliance requirements. You can customize the decision engine to set your own parameters for specific campaigns, products and prospect segmentations, creating a flexible solution.


OpenNow/FundNow offers a breadth of features that enable you to provide a convenient and secure online account opening and funding solution for customers.

  • Multiple funding options: Offers customers multiple options including funding from credit/debit card, or transfers from another account. Higher funded rates are driven by availability of two in-session account verification methods
  • Robust identity and account verification: Facilitates enhanced real-time verification of funding account ownership by using a combination of multiple data sources and Fiserv proprietary verification methods
  • Configurable features and functionality: Provides a flexible, robust and easy-to-use application that allows for real-time customization of business rules enabling institutions to set their own parameters for application decisioning
  • Account opening queue and operational workflow: Enables financial institutions to streamline and monitor the workflow for pending applications using a web-based application
  • Comprehensive risk management: Provides access to best-of-breed risk management tools and databases, delivering powerful risk management and transaction monitoring capabilities

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