Mobiliti Edge

With a focus on international markets, Mobiliti EdgeTM from Fiserv delivers a comprehensive mobile financial services platform, which includes out-of-box mobile payments and enterprise alert capabilities.


Mobiliti Edge helps any financial institution in the developed world quickly implement and deliver the most complete, secure, integrated, extensible and cost-effective mobile banking technology solution in the industry.

Mobiliti Edge enables you to deploy a comprehensive mobile solution while ensuring speed to market and retention of consumer segments who are demanding mobile access to their finances. Flexible deployment options allow you to add and customize capabilities at your own pace to align with your evolving brand, competitive or line-of-business strategies. For example, you can offer mobile banking and payments today and add real-time alerts later. Mobiliti Edge offers you a mobile banking and payments platform that can evolve as your users – and your mobile channel – grow.

Offering you a natively integrated end-to-end platform, Mobiliti is the best possible product from which to embark on your transition to profit-generating mobile payments and services.


Mobiliti Edge has a wealth of features that empower you to provide the best international mobile banking and payments experience for your customer, including:

  • Rich Out-of-Box Functionality: Provides complete pre-built mobile banking and payments functionality, including banking, location search, bill payments, person-to-person payments and actionable alerts
  • Universal Access: Offers your customers the ability to access their accounts via all mobile access methods, including mobile browser, SMS, and downloadable apps, through a single platform
  • Consolidated Customer Care and Reporting Tools: Provides you with integrated customer care, online and offline enrollment tools and intelligent reporting
  • Deployment and Configuration Flexibility: Supports multilingual and multi-currency configurations, as well as deployments in a hosted environment or an on-premise licensed offering

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