Open Solutions is now Fiserv

Open Solutions, now Fiserv, provides collaborative, enterprise core account processing technology for banks, thrifts and credit unions, along with a full range of surround solutions.


What We Offer


DNA is an open, real-time account processing platform with a data model built around the person, not the transaction, to help your financial institution better understand and serve its customers or members. DNA is built on up-to-date technologies to provide exceptional flexibility and ease of use. Its open architecture allows DNA to serve the needs of virtually any size or type of financial institution, anywhere in the world, and encourages ongoing innovation through custom enhancements called DNAapps™ that can extend the core platform's capabilities in limitless new ways.


CUnify is a state-of-the-art account processing platform for credit unions looking to unify real-time, back office automation with a robust array of built-in capabilities. Built on a single, member-centric database, CUnify provides a complete, real-time picture of your member relationships to help you better understand their needs. The system's automated processing streamlines operational tasks and makes your back office more efficient. Built-in solutions for teller operations, loan origination, business intelligence, target marketing, Internet banking, accounting, reporting, document management and more help your credit union grow.


DNAcreator provides tools and services that financial institutions, Fiserv partners and independent third-party developers can use to create customized DNA enhancements, called DNAapps, which integrate seamlessly into the DNA platform to streamline processes and add new capabilities. The DNAcreator development toolkit helps clients quickly address specific business challenges and respond to emerging market demands. DNAapp developers can generate revenue by selling their DNAapps to other clients on the DNAappstore. DNAcreator drives innovation at low cost while extending the capability and value of DNA for an entire community of users.


The DNAappstore is a revolutionary online marketplace for DNAapps that allows developers and financial institutions to collaborate and share innovative solutions to common business challenges. Through the DNAappstore, clients can browse, try and buy DNAapps that others have created, or market DNAapps that they create on their own using DNAcreator. The DNAappstore brings core processing to new levels of openness and flexibility as DNAcreator-certified developers continually add new DNAapp solutions to the store.


Quickly and securely identify accountholders at the teller line using Verifast. When an accountholder swipes his or her ATM/debit card and enters a personalized PIN, Verifast verifies the customer's identity and presents the client's Relationship Profile screen to the teller. Verifast helps reduce fraud and identity theft using two-factor authentication for faster, more secure transactions. Seamless integration with DNA and TotalPlus™ enables tellers to offer relevant products to authenticated customers.

Weiland Account AnalysisTM

Weiland Account Analysis is a customizable, Web-based billing system designed to increase treasury service revenue and mirror your institution's growth strategy. Available in-house or on-demand, Weiland Account Analysis delivers expert control over your institution's interactions with accountholders through detailed reports that identify opportunities to reduce lost revenue and analyze bank, branch and customer profitability.

Weiland Corporate Solutions

Non-bank organizations use our Weiland Corporate Solutions to retain investment income, reduce cash-management fees and increase control over their bank relationships and signatories. Weiland BRMedge™ and Weiland BAweb™ help the treasury departments of corporations, governments and universities automate bank fee analysis with the 822 and manage their bank accounts electronically with the eBAM standard.

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