Carat and Google Deliver a New Omnichannel Experience

A digital storefront omnichannel commerce experience is driving commerce via Google Pay for ExxonMobil

Fiserv Enables ExxonMobil to Facilitate Commerce within Google Pay App

Businesses can extend their omnichannel commerce capabilities to new and existing payment channels, including Google Pay, via a single platform from Fiserv

ExxonMobil is leveraging Fiserv to enable new touchless payment experiences at the pump via Google Pay

Fiserv is enabling ExxonMobil to deliver a new omnichannel commerce experience within the enhanced Google Pay mobile application.

Innovate to unite digital and physical commerce with a
powerful omnichannel commerce ecosystem.

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As announced by Google on November 18, ExxonMobil has launched a new contactless payment capability that enables consumers to utilize Google Pay to digitally pay at the pump, either by scanning a QR-code on the pump or by activating the pump from within the Google Pay app on iOS or Android. The commerce experience – pump activation, payment tokenization, payment processing, and digital receipt delivery – is powered by omnichannel commerce technology from Fiserv. Payments are made via a consumer’s existing Google Pay account; no additional application download or separate account is required.

“We designed Google Pay to help consumers and merchants engage and transact more conveniently and securely,” said Josh Woodward, Director, Google Pay. “The new Google Pay platform gives consumers a way to pay easily at their favorite merchants and it creates opportunities for merchants to deepen customer engagement in creative ways with offers, rewards, and customized, dynamic content.”

By combining new innovation with their existing payment relationship with Fiserv, businesses like ExxonMobil are able to easily connect to Google Pay by utilizing the same rails for payment authorization and settlement that Fiserv already leverages to serve the merchant’s brick-and-mortar locations and digital footprint.

“With consumers increasingly turning to contactless payment, we’re excited to offer yet another convenient, secure way to pay at Exxon and Mobil stations,” said Eric Carmichael, Americas fuels marketing manager for ExxonMobil. “As more people get back on the road, we’re offering a variety of ways to pay at the pump while reducing contact, and ultimately providing a better fueling experience.”

Leveraging the Carat Omnichannel Commerce Ecosystem

Businesses like ExxonMobil are enabling their omnichannel commerce strategies via the Carat ecosystem from Fiserv, which securely delivers limitless payment opportunities across the most popular channels and devices. Through simple API access, Carat enables businesses like ExxonMobil, experience providers and financial institutions to imagine and realize new customer experiences.

“Fiserv is helping organizations span digital and physical payments to create the true omnichannel commerce experience that today’s consumer is demanding,” said Nandan Sheth, head of Global Digital Commerce at Fiserv. “Carat connects businesses to the places and ways people want to transact.”

In a world that is moving faster than ever before, Fiserv helps clients deliver solutions that are in step with the way people live and work today – financial services at the speed of life. Learn more at

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