Tech Expert Series

Building Your Roadmap for Growth

Welcome to the Tech Expert Series. This series consists of webinars focused on specific technology solutions financial institutions are using to increase efficiency, extend resources and improve the customer/member experience. Check out the series below.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get More Strategic Projects Done Without Ignoring Day-to-Day Tasks

Struggling to retain qualified IT people? Fiserv offers IT managed services solutions as an extension of your current team. We enhance your team with just the right amount of resources to help meet your needs. You decide how little or how much. Our highly trained and certified associates understand compliance, security and the specific needs of your industry.

During this event we share use cases showing how your peers have utilized our managed services solutions to support their staff in:

  • Managed security
  • Managed networking
  • Remote infrastructure management – both on premises and in the cloud
  • Desktop support

How a Strong WAN Backbone Leads to a Positive Customer Experience

As you begin to reopen branches, rethink the ways you interact with your customers or members, and improve the overall customer experience, it is important for your financial institution to transform your wide area network (WAN) to support these needs. Your WAN is the backbone of your business so a well-designed WAN is a must for providing a positive customer experience. It may be time to revisit your WAN if you are experiencing issues with the following:

  • Efficient use of bandwidth
  • Ability to integrate with existing WAN
  • Ability to augment existing connectivity
  • Limited failover options if the primary circuit has a problem
  • Term agreements for in-place WAN connectivity solution
  • Management of multiple vendors and multiple invoices

Hear the steps you can take to transform the WAN in your organization.

4 Things to Consider As You Take Steps Toward Cloud Migration

Building out a cloud strategy for your organization can be complex and challenging. Although there are many strategies for building out a cloud roadmap, there are four steps you should consider:

  1. Getting an assessment
  2. Understanding which applications you are moving to the cloud
  3. Developing a testing environment before migration
  4. Evaluating and managing the security of your cloud environment

During this event we address all four considerations and how to build them into your cloud strategy.

Adding an Integrated Call Center That Increases Security and Improves the Customer Experience

Imagine a scenario where your customers or members call into your financial institution and are automatically authenticated by validating their phone number and voice biometrics. Picture having the ability to provide the communication channel your accountholder prefers – whether it’s voice, email, webchat, SMS, fax or even social media. Envision accessing real-time and historical data regarding all communications to better understand your overall customer service needs. Hear how an omnichannel contact center manages customer communications across these channels to provide:

  • A secure solution hosted in Fiserv data centers
  • Fraud reduction with call validation and biometrics service
  • Integration with ConvergeIT® IVR (bank by phone), core account processors and other Fiserv application
  • Deployment and support from Fiservs

Transforming Your Workplace Through Secure, Efficient and Productive Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and its effects will last. While organizations spent much of 2020 scrambling to adapt to extraordinary circumstances, there’s no turning back. The next normal has arrived and there is no longer any doubt about the necessity of digital transformation when it comes to an organization’s longevity. Increasing the use of digital technologies while improving productivity, data security and the way in which people interact is at the heart of the new operating model for organizations. Hear how SentrySM Workplace Services from Fiserv can help your organization:

  • Accelerate your scale, performance and agility with secure cloud modernization
  • Improve security and protect against rapidly evolving identity theft for both employees and members or customers
  • Keep people productive, connected and secure
  • Enhance customer experience and collaboration through integrated omnichannel contact center capability

Improve Efficiency and Availability With Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Financial institutions of all sizes can benefit from server monitoring, security patching, desktop support and a wide variety of related technical services that help them get the most from their technology investments. Sentry℠ Remote Management Services (RIMs) from Fiserv frees you to focus on growing your business and serving expanding customer needs while we provide reliable, scalable, high-performance infrastructure and services to support you. In this webcast our expert will share how RIMs provide:

  • Peace of mind knowing your systems are up-to-date and running at peak performance
  • Minimized risk with 24/7 monitoring and management of your IT assets
  • Options for integrated service add-ons 

What Every Organization Should Know About Cybersecurity Preparedness

Cyber events require an organized response. When an attack happens, how you respond and how quickly you react can greatly influence the impact of the attack on your organization, finances and reputation. Cybersecurity events are not resolved in a vacuum. Response often requires a joint effort between technical and non-technical teams in order to address all facets of risk posed to the organization. During this webcast our expert helps you better understand:

  • The questions you should be asking about the current state of your cyber protection
  • How being proactive can help reduce business interruption
  • How to identify security gaps

Understanding the Important Steps to Cloud Readiness and Cloud Migration

There are many important steps and considerations for any financial institution researching a move to the cloud. Learn how Fiserv Infrastructure Services can help you evaluate your current environment and data readiness for the cloud. The webcast will also cover the steps needed to migrate workloads and applications to the cloud. Understand how cloud technology can improve operational speed and performance and increase workload scalability, environmental security and stability. During this webcast our expert will reveal the importance of:

  • Developing a cloud migration game plan
  • Conducting a cloud readiness assessment
  • Understanding the appropriate systems and applications to migrate to the cloud

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