Immediate Funds – How It Works

Deliver the funds availability your customers want and cement your relationship with them by offering Immediate FundsSM from Fiserv. Immediate Funds lets you meet a pressing demand from small financial institution and consumers while generating revenue for your business.

Immediate Funds offers unprecedented convenience for customers and members through a simple, quick process. Check deposit transactions in any channel are routed through a robust decision engine. In less than two seconds, Fiserv provides your institution with a decision on whether you can offer the customer immediate availability of the entire amount of that check. All check types and amounts are allowed. When a check is approved, an offer to the customer to expedite funds will be made. Depositors of non-approved checks won't receive an offer and will follow the standard funds availability policy.

After relaying the offer to the customer, they choose whether or not to accept the immediate funds service for a fee (set by your institution). If accepted, you credit the customer account with the net proceeds immediately. It’s that simple, and that powerful.

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