Well-Timed Words: Monthly Bills Can Enhance Telecommunications Customer Engagement Point of View Paper

Consumers in a fast-moving, "want it now" world are using multiple devices and channels. They expect a consistent, satisfying experience no matter how they engage, whether through paper, digital or, often, both. It's up to organizations to meet – and leverage – those expectations.

Despite the speed at which people move through their lives, there are moments when they pause and take note. Organizations know those moments present an opportunity to interact effectively with customers in a way that enhances engagement and overall experience, whether in person, online or through other communications.

Transactional documents such as monthly bills are still widely read in digital and paper formats. The "Expectations & Experiences: Household Finances" research from Fiserv shows that statements, bills and other transactional documents are valuable touch points in the overall consumer experience framework.

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