FE CREDIT leads the way in consumer finance with FirstVision™

With FirstVision from Fiserv, FE CREDIT launched its credit card offering within months. As a leader in consumer finance in Vietnam, it has progressively innovated and extended its offerings to help people solve financial challenges and improve their quality of life.


FE CREDIT was granted a credit card issuing license by the central bank in 2015, enabling the company to offer credit cards as a value-add to its existing product offerings. As the first consumer finance company in Vietnam to provide credit cards to its customers, FE CREDIT needed a trusted partner with proven global experience in payments to support the new initiative.


FE CREDIT chose FirstVision as its outsourced issuer-processing solution because it enabled the company to launch and manage its credit card and payments portfolio quickly, securely and reliably. FirstVision is PCI DSS compliant and offers multiproduct, multicurrency and multilanguage features that will support future plans to scale across segments and markets as the business grows.

Proof Points

  • Launched credit card offering within months
  • Enabled revenue growth with extended offerings, including debit and loans-on-credit-card on a single platform 
  • Achieved an average of 37,200 cards issued per month


Faster time to market

When FE CREDIT became a credit card issuer, FirstVision was ideally suited to the company’s agile way of doing business. This outsourced solution to support credit card processing helped FE CREDIT achieve faster time to market.

With an outsourced model, we were able to launch our product within months – much faster than if we had decided to build an in-house solution.

–   Nguyen Ngoc Tran
     Chief Information Officer, FE CREDIT

Client Profile

VPBank SMBC Finance Company Limited, known in the market as FE CREDIT, is the largest consumer finance company in Vietnam and the country’s largest credit issuer. The company has a nationwide network of nearly 20,000 service introduction points and more than 15,000 employees. Serving more than 13 million customers, FE CREDIT is a recognized brand for consumer finance across Asia and its innovations have received many industry awards.

Innovations enable revenue growth

FE CREDIT saw the opportunity to provide their customers with a different payment option responsive to their financial challenges: loan-on-credit-cards, the first product of its kind in Vietnam. With this capability, the company was able to cross-sell the product to their base of over 3 million customers of unsecured consumer loans.

The loan-on-credit-cards offering can be used for retail transactions, in much the same way a consumer uses any credit card. Once a loan application is approved, the customer will receive a Mastercard® or JCB credit card. The approved loan amount is disbursed on the credit card and the cardholder continues to repay based on a monthly installment plan.

The power of partnership

By leveraging the technical expertise of Fiserv, FE CREDIT was able to focus on building its business. As a result, FE CREDIT has successfully broadened its product offerings to grow the business rapidly and dramatically.

We are glad to partner with Fiserv to drive financial inclusivity and better support our local community.

            –   Nguyen Ngoc Tran
                 Chief Information Officer, FE CREDIT

Leading the way in consumer finance

FE CREDIT has the largest market share for consumer finance in Vietnam, which is an affirmation of its long-term commitment to providing innovative products and services that help the Vietnamese people solve financial challenges and improve their quality of life. FirstVision is helping FE CREDIT continue to innovate and honor that commitment.

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