Prologue Financials Employee Expense Manager

Automating expense reports with PrologueTM Financials Employee Expense Manager streamlines the process, generates cost savings and efficiencies and provides a full audit trail.

With Prologue Financials Employee Expense Manager, your organization can gain further efficiencies, cost savings and a higher return on your investment from Prologue Financials.

Get our brochure to learn more about these key benefits:

  • Conveniently submit and approve expense reports on the go from a mobile device or desktop
  • Customize rules for expense types and approval workflows to fit your business needs
  • Meet compliance requirements with a full audit trail
  • Reduce manual steps with automated workflows and alerts
  • Save time and money by automating and streamlining employee expense processing
  • Offer real-time status updates for employees on their expense reimbursements

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