ProfitVision from Fiserv analyzes profitability at each level of your enterprise and helps you to identify your highest performing clients, products, business units and channels.

ProfitVision uses data imported from multiple sources within your organization to help you determine the key contributors to your bottom line, understand why they perform so highly,  then develop strategies and take steps to bring the rest of your business performance up to their level. ProfitVision can be deployed quickly and easily, enabling you to benefit from these additional features:

  • Rapid segmentation of clients, products or business entities according to a wide range of metrics, such as dollars, yield, value indicators and many more
  • Matched maturity funds transfer pricing (MMFTP)
  • A variety of cost allocation methodologies
  • Activity-based cost allocation
  • The ability to export client value indicator scores or account-level profit results to third-party reporting software, data warehouses and data marts
  • A powerful reporting module
  • A web-based simulation module

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