Deposit Director Flex

Deposit Director Flex from Fiserv, part of the OriginateSM Deposits suite of products, is a convenient, web-based service that enables prospects and existing accountholders to open and fund new accounts through your mobile and online channels.

With Deposit Director Flex, applicants experience the ease and convenience of instantly opening and funding new accounts online or through their mobile devices. The service allows financial institutions to quickly, easily and efficiently turn prospects into accountholders, and consumers with single accounts into consumers with multiple accounts. Key benefits of Deposit Director Flex include:

  • Grow accounts by expanding your footprint and delivering a better digital experience for consumers
  • Obtain, evaluate and process applications via a secure internet connection
  • Streamline account opening processes and ensure all applications are administered consistently and correctly across all channels 
  • Boost employee productivity by virtually eliminating the manual processes associated with acquiring new accounts
  • Capture cross-sell opportunities during the account opening process at a time when consumers are most likely to apply
  • Improve your bottom line by increasing the number of new accounts while reducing manual processing costs

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