Connecting You to Your Merchants Through Modern and Secure Payment Solutions

Your customers want compelling, technology-driven payments experiences that are completed in real-time. To meet expectations while providing the security people need, you need integrated fraud and risk solutions that keep pace in a fast-changing world.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Payment Acceptance Services

The world has changed. Whether you're a high-growth fintech, a rising challenger bank, or a well-established financial institution, merchants need payment services that are mobile- and e-commerce-first, data rich and fully integrated with their in-store services. The payment landscape continues to evolve at an accelerated rate and requires constant investment to support the merchant business. So we created  Acquiring as a Service to easily connect you and your merchants with a modern omnichannel payment toolkit.

Upgrade to a world-class service that provides you with digital onboarding, omnichannel payments and a merchant payment portal with extensive data insights. Access the latest point-of-sale (POS) software and hardware, and industry-leading fraud solutions – all with the privacy, security and stability a payment provider would expect.

What's a Acquiring as a Service? 

Our Acquiring as a Service solution enables your merchants to accept payments using the latest technology, giving their customers a seamless buying experience. The service supports over 150 currencies and can be deployed in a number of languages.

You can choose from a brand-customised, fully serviced end-to-end solution to a modular approach selecting the services your merchants need the most –all via modern, seamless connections. Plus, the service is designed to scale as your business grows.

Keeping the Relationships That Matter

While our modern toolkit makes for happy merchants thanks to the latest leading-edge payment technology, our custom branding approach means you own and connect with your merchants and their customers. Grow your business by:

  • Tailoring lending packages and cross-sell products from other areas of your business based on rich data 
  • Utilising our smart acceptance devices, coupled with real-time secure data, to better understand and connect to your existing banking customers through your merchants' business channels
  • Improving insight into your merchants' business to reduce service queries so you can concentrate on value-added contacts

The Benefits of Using Acquiring as a Service Solution

Go to market fast with minimal investment

Access different risk-ownership models 

Grow revenue through new merchant services 

Reduce attrition through better data insights

Stay relevant with ongoing investment in innovation

Minimise exposure to fraud and compliance risk 

Expand your business into new regions

Looking for Help Across Your Entire Payments or Digital Banking Business? 

We can offer support across the full suite of services – just click on the button to learn more.

Managing Fraud and Risk

Detect, prevent and reduce risk and fraud across all credit, debit and other banking products

Processing Payments

Simplify your payment processing independent of channel, scheme and type – on a single platform


Ready to make your merchants' lives a lot easier?

Our acquiring service gives you the tools to compete in a changing payment world. We'd love to have a chat about how it can help your business today. Contact us and we’ll be in touch.