Marketo Form

Synopsis: The marketo form can be embeded on any page of the website and the styling is matched to northstar form builder component. The data layer is integrated to AEM / Marketo forms to support analytics. This solution allows the business unit to evaluate the effectiveness of form submission by users on the site and in turn optimize the form submission.

Usage: All pages.


Note: This should be used as an example only. There will be additional requirements related to each individual component usage and page design, such as font treatments, padding and margin requirements, ADA compliance etc, so please use the below examples for reference only to demonstrate core function.


Ingredients: 2 Container, 1 Embed Component and within embed component Marketo Northstar is selected

Marketo form can be placed anywhere in the page, It can be configured within a container, column control or floating button depending on the requirement.

In Marketo form, google recaptcha can be enabled or disabled within "Advanced" Tab, and author can configure gated asset download and add custom Thank you message in "Form Message" tab.

In below example google recaptcha is enabled and gated asset download configurations are done.

NOTE: Please check "Enable floating form button submission" only when marketo form is used within floating button.


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