Our complete solution for tokenized payments includes:

  • Token Service Enrollment and Onboarding
    Entry and audit of program-level and issuer-specific tokenization and service configuration parameters
  • Token BIN Provisioning Requests
    Entry and submission of token BIN requests to the appropriate Token Service Provider; assistance with and upload of issuer-specific solution elements such as card art and metadata
  • Cardholder Authentication
    Support for authentication requirements per defined criteria; optional call center support and manual intervention, when required, to complete the authentication process and move forward with token activation
  • Provisioning Notification Service
    Sending emails or letters to your cardholders, on your behalf, alerting them that their debit or credit cards have been successfully loaded to their smartphones
  • Authorization and Transaction Processing
    Support for tokenized payment transaction processing, including routing transactions to the appropriate token vault for de-tokenization and tokenization
  • Back-Office Support
    Integration of tokenized payments in back office processes and procedures and research and adjustment systems
  • Financial Institution Education
    A comprehensive Fiserv Tokenization Guide for clients; online community for clients with the latest updates; monthly educational webinars; white papers; and information sharing and support with account executives who have in-depth knowledge of tokenized payments; and ongoing dialogue with our Strategic Advisory Council consisting of financial institution clients
  • Marketing
    Consumer marketing assistance including guidance and copy for email campaigns and websites

For more information about tokenized payments solutions from Fiserv, please contact us at 800-872-7882 or email us at getsolutions@fiserv.com.