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Risk & Compliance

Whatever the type of risk, Fiserv offers a unique breadth of fraud and risk management solutions that detect, measure, quantify and optimize risk to achieve growth, enable regulatory compliance and safeguard your reputation.

Some of the very things financial organizations are in business to do – such as lend money and manage investments – are the very things that can put these organizations at great risk.

Fiserv is a single-source provider with a unique breadth of solutions focused on helping clients optimize usage and return on capital by making risk actionable and transparent within their organizations.

How do you balance revenue goals with the need for smart, sound decisions? How do you ensure creditworthiness of counterparties, and protect returns on banking and investment books? How can you safeguard processes to protect data integrity and maintain regulatory compliance? These are the issues our expertise in risk and compliance can address for your institution.


Our Solution

While recognizing the broad interdependencies among risk types and among our products, we have structured our solutions into four areas where we see particularly close and meaningful affinities.

  • Financial Control Solutions: Solutions for reconciliation, exception management, and account certification facilitate a more efficient close process via a single enterprise reconciliation platform that leverages data and provides support for auditing and account certification
  • Financial Crime Risk Management: Solutions for fraud and money laundering detection and mitigation facilitate the convergence of anti-money laundering and fraud issues, helping to provide a deep defense that “de-risks” the life cycle of a transaction by sharing data across control points
  • Financial Performance Management: Solutions to help you manage your financial performance from A to Z. Includes comprehensive tools for budgeting and planning, financial accounting, funds transfer pricing and profitability
  • Financial Risk Management: Solutions for credit, market and liquidity risk, as well as asset/liability management, address the need for more rigorous and correlated scenario analysis across risk categories, supporting enterprise views via a common data foundation and engines


Our solutions give you not only a strategic view of integrated risk management across all your business channels, but also the tools you need to minimize exposure and avoid financial losses. Our technologies manage more types of risk than any other organization.

At Fiserv our goal is to help you detect, manage and prevent risk more effectively than ever before. We can help you achieve low-risk growth while continuing to meet your customers' financial needs. With our solutions, you can achieve the following:

  • Establish peace of mind
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Provide a centralized view of risk showing interdependencies and opportunities
  • Develop a risk-inclusive business strategy
  • Prevent losses from financial fraud
  • Ensure adherence to regulatory and compliance mandates

Financial Crime Risk Management Report

Read this Ovum Technology Audit Report for the latest detailed analysis and impartial advice on the operational issues surrounding successful financial crime risk management.

Download the report