With SmarterPay™ from Fiserv, a patented overdraft limit solution, you can achieve the optimal balance between revenue, principal loss and customer retention while managing the increasing number of regulatory guidelines.



The financial services landscape is continually changing, leaving your institution exposed to regulatory risk while you seek to balance a growing number of regulatory guidelines with customer retention and profitability. With regulators forcing banks to defend their overdraft limit assignments, your institution needs to assess and manage risk down to the account level when making overdraft decisions. However, instituting more stringent limits could have a negative effect on customer service and, therefore, your bottom line.

SmarterPay delivers a next-generation overdraft system designed to balance the rewards of good customer service against the risk of principal charge-off. SmarterPay predicts the trends that lead to charge-off with your customer accounts and enables you to take action before it occurs, allowing you to achieve balance within your overall risk profile.

By using critical data elements based on account-level predictive variables and customer behaviors, SmarterPay can provide each account with the appropriate limit by balancing liquidity needs with risk. This enables you to achieve an optimum point between balancing principal loss, revenue and customer retention.



  • Regulatory solution: Create defensible overdraft limit assignments, including a daily capacity to repay calculation and excessive overdraft monitoring and shut-off capabilities
  • Risk balance profile: Balance revenue with attrition and charge-offs to achieve both positive ROI and a positive customer experience
  • Robust reporting: Powerful reporting features provide daily and monthly reports, as well as allow you to monitor excessive overdrafts
  • Program flexibility: Configure parameters down to the product and account levels, including minimum and maximum limit ranges and differential limits by delivery channel
  • Optional modules: Additional interfaces available for Relationship Advance™ from Fiserv, Fee Retention Advisor from Fiserv and excessive overdraft monitoring and shut off

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