Prologue™ Credit Loss Manager from Fiserv provides an estimate of expected credit losses based on relevant internal and external information. An estimate includes all contractual cash flows expected to go uncollected or a commitment to extend credit.



Prologue Credit Loss Manager enables institutions to meet the Financial Accounting Standard Board's credit loss Accounting Standards Update (ASU), which requires more timely records of credit losses. The solution provides clients with an understanding of the broad range of information required to measure credit losses to include "reasonable and supportable" forecasts that affect expected collections (principle or payments) on financial instruments under current expected credit loss (CECL).

Prologue Credit Loss Manager allows consideration of any reasonable approach that reflects the possibility of a credit loss.



Choose Prologue Credit Loss Manager to:

  • Create and validate methodologies prior to standards implementation
  • Collect a vast array of historical data
  • Pool capabilities to allow for tracking at more detailed levels to improve performance
  • Use different methodologies for different pools
  • Calculate historic loss rate at pool level and the projected ALLL at the pool and aggregate levels

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CECL Webinar: The Need for Data – and Its Impacts Across the Institution

Watch our webinar to learn how a successful implementation of CECL requires better integration between accounting and risk management and access to an expanded historical data set to calculate credit reserves.

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Preparing for New Credit Loss Standards

With the recent FASB vote to proceed and the final Accounting Standards Update published, financial institutions need to take action today to prepare for the updated Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standards.

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Prologue Credit Loss Manager

Prologue™ Credit Loss Manager from Fiserv provides enhanced credit modeling so you can optimize the required reserve amount for every loan to satisfy FASB requirements.

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