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Financial Performance Management

Solutions for Financial Performance Management from Fiserv help you link the systems and data needed to execute on business plans, decisions and budgets. Our solutions focus on those key processes that most influence profitable growth and performance, including financial accounting and reporting, budgeting and planning, and risk management.

To achieve optimum performance, you need to zero in on problems, evaluate options and make the right decision — without delay. Fiserv supplies integrated Financial Performance Management solutions that ensure consistent financial source data and reliable analysis and decisions based on the data. When combined with powerful risk and budgeting analysis and reporting capabilities, this financial accounting data can help you satisfy management, board and regulatory requirements.

These systems operate systematically, smoothly and efficiently. Less effort is required to input, analyze and report on information, so you have more time for strategy and execution. They keep you moving — monitoring actions, feedback and results for greater collaboration, credibility and communication.


Our Solution

Daily business demands can force you to focus on specific issues at the expense of your overall business vision. But decisions made without access to the big picture can lead to disastrous outcomes. Our Financial Performance Management solutions are specifically designed to support fundamental, crucial processes via integrated tools and services, which ensure that source data is consistent and decisions based on it are reliable.

Our solutions provide the foundation for effective performance management through:

  • Solid budgeting and planning tools: Our budget planning, risk management and reporting tools generate full balance-sheet and income statement projections, along with comprehensive risk management analysis for more accurate and efficient budget planning and execution
  • Proven financial accounting software solutions: Our financial accounting tools streamline, automate and integrate your financial accounting and reporting processing for improved data consistency, accuracy and convenience


Our Financial Performance Management solutions connect business intelligence and financial analysis to produce an integrated, analyzable and actionable view of your financial institution. By integrating and centralizing information and communications, these tools ensure:

  • Consistent application of business rules
  • Consistent business decisions
  • Streamlined global finance functions, such as management reporting and analysis, modeling, budgeting, planning, forecasting and consolidation
  • Alignment and monitoring of strategic initiatives
  • Increased efficiency and decreased redundancy