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Financial Control Solutions

Financial Control Solutions from Fiserv — such as automated account reconciliation and transaction matching, case management and account certification — work with your general ledger and other data sources to ensure data integrity, operational efficiency and risk mitigation. All are essential ingredients for a faster, transparent and more accurate financial close.

These days it's more important than ever to make sure your business is growing safely and responsibly. Customers and shareholders demand sound financial control, and new regulations are in place to safeguard against recklessness and ensure accountability. It makes sense, then, that more and more organizations are turning to technology to help increase transparency, increase efficiency and reduce risk in their operations.


Our Solution

Robust financial controls are paramount to ensuring transaction and data integrity, operational efficiency, risk management and compliance.

Control your finance and back-office operations with power and flexibility. Leverage our experience from working with more than 1,000 customers globally — including bankers, asset managers, hedge funds, broker dealers custodians, insurance, retail, manufacturing, energy and utility companies.

Our integrated Financial Control Solutions include:

  • Transaction Matching: A powerful, state-based processing engine that employs configurable rules to comprehensively check large quantities of financial data for accuracy against anticipated results
  • Account Reconciliation: Effective risk management and compliance controls through full automation of the account and balance sheet reconciliation processes. Supports all account and transaction types and is multicurrency enabled
  • Exception / Case Management: Fully audited, workflow-driven case management environment ensuring consistent and timely identification of exceptions, as well as consistent application of best practices
  • Account Certification: Fully automated and audited review and approval process for balance sheet substantiation and general ledger attestation
  • Performance Management and Reporting: Ability to capture and monitor key performance, risk and control indicators over time. Dynamic reporting capabilities for displaying and distributing point-in-time financial data

Whether you're managing cash; securities instruments; suspense, bank and Federal Reserve accounts or intercompany transactions, you can rely on our financial reporting and control solutions to make sure performance meets expectations and falls within acceptable industry norms.



By using our Financial Control Solutions, you will immediately increase efficiency in your back-office and finance operations.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Increased transparency and accuracy of the reconciliation process
  • Adherence to compliance mandates — both internal and external
  • Enhanced and faster financial close

Achieving Excellence in Reconciliation and Exception Management

This white paper identifies key reconciliation and exception management issues and sets out a range of possible solutions to address these challenges.

Download the white paper