The implementation of internal financial controls is critical to streamlining processes and ensuring the accuracy of transaction-level and aggregate-level financial data across the enterprise.


Our Solution

Frontierâ„¢ Account Certification from Fiserv delivers the control, compliance and competitive advantage that your organization requires. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Frontier Reconciliation or accept reconciliation data from existing, in-house solutions, Account Certification enables your organization to automate critical financial processes and controls, simplifying the adoption of a sound financial governance strategy and completing the transaction matching, exception management and reconciliation life cycle.



  • Assignment of ownership of reconciliation and certification activities: Facilitates automated review, task completion and digital sign-off from the business unit all the way up to the certifying officer
  • Better control of your financial close schedule: Monitors key completion dates defined for the financial close process, proactively sends notices to responsible parties, ultimately ensuring all accounts are completed and certified before the books are closed
  • Mitigation of operational risk by focusing staff on higher risk accounts: Allows you to define low risk accounts eligible for unattended "Automatic Certification" when certain balance and activity requirements are detected
  • Reducing the cost of compliance: Provides direct auditor access to certification data and associated processes, the ultimate sign that your controls are tight, processes are effective, and full transparency is encouraged as a matter of internal and external policy

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Frontier Reconciliation

Frontierâ„¢ Reconciliation from Fiserv takes an enterprise approach to reconciliation and exception management, creating an optimal environment for effective risk management, and recedented control and cost efficiency.

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Account Certification

Account Certification from Fiserv delivers the control, compliance and competitive advantage that your organization requires.

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Reconciliation and Attestation: Better Together

To increase operational efficiency and control, forward-looking institutions are integrating their reconciliation and attestation processes to provide a single version of the truth based on accurate, real-time, transaction-level data.

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